To Let Go

To Let Go

Sun in the sky,
beats down on my brow,
keeps flies from pestering me,
keeps the pain away now,

Warm and content,
sleepy, they do vent,
the feelings,
bleed away, eventually,

Drink by my side,
I think, to let slide,
the thoughts bothering me,
they claw at my mind,

And I’m alone,
not again,
I do atone,
I amend,

For the choices I’ve made,
again and again,
mistakes that were taken,
and turned on their head,

Nothing was pointless,
all done in aid of,
preparation and progress,
and the places I’ve saved,

Places in my mind,
I’ve chosen not to go,
places in time,
I’ve chosen not to grow,

So here I am,
somewhere on the road,
of fighting to move on,
and wanting to let go,

I’m a genius,
and an idiot,
the blind man who can’t see it,
the obvious path to go,

Ode to the feeling of woe,
oh, to let these feelings all go.


Life in All It’s Forms

Life in All It’s Forms

I’m the actor in the drain pipe,
the man who tried and fell,
I’m the character who’s chained like,
the madman come from hell,

I’m the goblin holding no one,
just a devil’s cutesy grin,
I’m the cold, scolding arrogance,
flailing from the kill,

I’m the voice in the darkness,
the little wanton crime,
I’m the cold and the carcass,
the predator calling time,

I’m the herbivore,
on the plains,
and the man,
who couldn’t tell,

I’m the racer,
and the loser,
I’m the kid,
who’s in his shell,

I’m life in all its forms,
from close and far away,
try to look closer;
try not to look away.


In Arkansas,
and beneath the willow tree,
there exists a channel,
inside of me,

Behind the waves,
and inside my soul,
a rhythm of sorts,
and it is old,

Smoky effervescence,
and quiet chill,
the thought provokes,
a measured thrill,

My shackled brain,
and abstract mind,
alter experiences,
I think you’ll find,

To form brittle restraints,
  and foregone conclusions,
they cause manic states,
and worried delusions,

Of words and weapons,
the weapons are words,
they tell a story,
I thought you heard,

Of tricky sentences,
and abstract rhymes,
the factions fracture,
inside my mind,

Stringent orders,
  form pointless commands,
they direct my actions,
to do more harm,

And for myself,
this is not the end,
and for myself,
I grow used to it again.

All While Waiting for the Day

In the dead of night,
a warm embrace,
in the cool moonlight,
a stolid retrace,

Of fingernails scraping skin,
and pallid moon grace,
all while waiting for the day.

A garnered collection,
of watered down rejection,
a billet paid,
a fillet laid,

Down on my plate,
and next to the wine,
they nestle neatly,
where fingers entwine,

Embers go flaring,
and winds come tearing,
through the room,
where we now lay,

I’m high as a kite,
and cold as stone,
emptiness and nostalgia,
make me feel all alone,

I’m wrapped in you,
and wrapped in them,
the voices high,
with pity and contempt,

They call to me,
and chide in tone,
they cut through me,
just like a comb,

A lady strong,
and lady fair,
bring me some wine,
and bring me to care,

For a person in this world,
other than me,
a person is this world,
who makes me feel free.

Double Entendres

Double entendres, and all the rest,
snivelling company’s, overdressed,
misconception, between my words,
is fallen angel, what you heard?

Remember everything,
I’ll never see,
remind me of everything,
I’d rather be,

Simple yet poignant,
elegant, but ointment,
the words make no sense,

I’m fighting for the sake of it,
writing for a stake in it,
a better life…
a better mind?

You decide.

Happiness is a dream,
waiting for the queen,
fighting in the dark,
to make myself seen,

Somewhere in the cage fight,
fighting for the lime light,
and all that I don’t own yet,
for all that I don’t sow yet,

Oh, to dream of a better place,
a place I’d rather be,
Oh, to dream of a better space,
a space I’d gladly see.