Sun in the sky,
beats down on my brow,
keeps flies from pestering me,
keeps the pain away now,

Warm and content,
sleepy, they do vent,
the feelings,
bleed away, eventually,

Drink by my side,
I think, to let slide,
the thoughts bothering me,
they claw at my mind,

And I’m alone,
not again,
I do atone,
I amend,

For the choices I’ve made,
again and again,
mistakes that were taken,
and turned on their head,

Nothing was pointless,
all done in aid of,
preparation and progress,
and the places I’ve saved,

Places in my mind,
I’ve chosen not to go,
places in time,
I’ve chosen not to grow,

So here I am,
somewhere on the road,
of fighting to move on,
and wanting to let go,

I’m a genius,
and an idiot,
the blind man who can’t see it,
the obvious path to go,

Ode to the feeling of woe,
oh, to let these feelings all go.


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