Vitriolic criticism,
is a euphemistic embolism,
used to outline indignation.

It’s intent is to remedy a situation,
through altering observation,
yet is often met with harsh repudiation.

“Thanks for your contribution,”
They’d say.
“We are listening,”
They’ll say.
But only to indulge,
your obviously blind verbal melee.

“Your mind’s not made up?”
“Well, ours is.
And, frankly,
it holds more water than your piss.”

Somehow the truth not interesting,
pretty things, more captivating,
than reality mired in words,
riddles aren’t actually heard.

Assign a use-by date to curiosity?
Let’s blunten luminosity!
Encompass reality, with a shadow based mentality.
Together, maybe we’ll drown out all the words.

Don’t tweet,
don’t shout,
don’t feel what it’s all about,
your opinion drowned,
please mind the gap—nothing too profound.

Don’t hate yourself: instead cut yourself,
remove the layers you find,
make sure you aren’t heard,
make sure there isn’t something,
others might mind.

Repulsive, or repugnant,
some other, ghastly insolvent,
an adjective, adjacent,
to an already poisoned agent.

What they see is what they get,
or what they want to believe, they get,
the outer shell, ostensibly similar,
to the purportedly, impertinent, interior.

Now self-satisfy,
the universal need to get by,
feed it through imitation,
of others more advanced in station.

Wait to be told,
how to walk, and how to talk,
and how to hold yourself,
 and your mind.
And understand everything, all of the time.
And if you don’t—don’t worry!

But, some people will tell you,
to push pain to the back of your mind.
At least that way,
you will appear fine.

For sometimes others don’t like things,
that deviate from them.
Personal conflict,
confirms heat in once logical corundum.

And we’re told,
that last is not least.
Yet, it is measured in such feet;
sitting behind the eyes,
 of most people—most of the time.

And are you alone?
Do you make amends to these feelings?
Or, try not to think about what it all possibly is meaning?

For distractions are everywhere,
pray we heed them before veering.
And if we don’t; don’t worry.
Find comfort in solitary evenings.

For isolation does not immediately equate to pain,
misery so often assigned to this state’s name.

Others tend to manipulate, and congregate together,
inappropriately satiating, a desire to cause more inclement weather.

And at the risk of sounding hysterical, hypercritical, or blatantly obtuse.
I offer a solution to this predicament of competing wills and moods.

A lesson I can offer, amongst this supposedly erroneous grift:
Is that if you can avoid pernicious whisperings; I would consider that a gift.


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