This is the original version of People Perception. I didn’t like it as much at first, and thought I needed to edit and add more, hence People Perception.

However, when I re-visited the first draft with some time in between conception and reflection, I decided it was worth sharing. Obviously it’s very similar, but I think different enough to warrant posting independent of the updated version.

Vitriolic self-criticism,
an emaciated, righteous euphemism,
thanks for your contribution,
we’ll listen, but move on anyway.

Hate yourself, cut yourself,
remove the layers you find,
make sure you aren’t heard,
make sure there isn’t something, others might mind.

Repulsive, or repugnant,
some other, ghastly insolvent,
an adjective, adjacent,
to an already poisoned agent.

What they see is what they get,
or what they want to believe they get,
the outer shell, ostensibly similar,
to the purportedly, impertinent interior.

Vitriolic self-satisfaction,
a singular interaction,
to understand that you need to imitate,
others of higher state.

Wait to be told,
how to walk, and how to hold,
yourself, and your mind,
understand everything, all the time.

And if you don’t, don’t worry,
all the pain will scurry,
the feelings melt away,
when you do.

For last is not least,
however, it is measured in such feet,
it sits in the eyes,
of everyone, all the time.

You are alone, don’t amend,
do not feel, or attend,
to the reason you think you are here.

You are present only to fear.


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